Is your recruiter hitting the mark?

A good recruiter can make all of the difference to a business – especially with the high level of industry knowledge, experience and access recruiters possess. Finding a recruiter however can prove difficult, along with knowing the right questions to ask to indicate red flags.


Unfortunately, too many business owners have utilised unreputable agencies, who thrive in accepting money without delivering the results. Not only does this dwindle one’s perception of how valuable a recruiter is, but also creates distrust within the recruitment process. This is where valuable strategies come into play, enabling you to identify great recruiters online, and in person. These strategies will prove detrimental to avoiding subpar agencies, and attracting a recruitment agency who not only listens to your needs, but prioritises them.


Fortunately, for employers left asking “which recruiter should I use”, we have a fool-proof guide for finding the right recruitment agency.

So, what do recruiters do?

We all know recruitment agencies work with businesses… but what exactly do they do?


A recruitment agency is like a bridge which helps employers connect with employees. They help companies find the right employees through vigorously searching, screening, and interviewing candidates.


Great recruiters can be extremely beneficial as they have the potential to save companies a lot of time while presenting high-quality talent. But what about bad recruiters?

Recruiter red flags

First things first, is your current recruiter meeting your expectations?


Knowing the key signs of a bad recruiter are extremely important for businesses seeking top-talent candidates. These signs might just save you valuable time and money.


Have they taken the time to understand who you’re looking to hire?
At RecruitCorp we invest the time into getting to know our clients – from understanding their business, workplace culture, role requirements and company goals. This is a detrimental part of the process as it enables a deeper understanding of the types of candidates we should be aiming for.


Good recruiters will develop a brief, but what about bad recruiters?
Instead of taking the time to find the right match through a detailed brief, bad recruiters will usually send candidates to employers right off the bat.


Does It feel like they’re matching your business with just any candidate?
A great recruiter will prioritise your needs with attentive service. They will take the time to understand your workplace, culture and values – after all this is what will determine a candidate’s suitability. If your recruiter is seemingly sending just about anyone your way, without thought or care then they’re probably not that great.


You’re always working with someone new.
A great recruiter should know your name. They should care about building a personal relationship, and understanding the requirements you’re seeking for candidates. At RecruitCorp, making genuine connections – and taking the time to learn our clients’ stories is detrimental to our role.


There’s no system for screening applicants.
Perhaps this is one of the biggest red flags. If your recruiter isn’t screening their candidates – then how are they ensuring the chances of a bad hire is minimised?

Green flags for a recruiter?

They listen.
At RecruitCorp we value our clients feedback, it’s what makes us strive to be better. A great recruiter doesn’t need to place pressure on your business, but rather will rather take the time to hear what you need and want.


They’re a subject matter expert in the field.
They understand your industry, and can break a position down. This will maximise the chances of matching the right types of candidates towards a role.


You can rely on your recruiter.
Trust is everything when working with a recruiter, and great recruiters value this. You can rely on your recruiter to deliver high quality candidates within the timeframe.


They offer a placement guarantee.
We believe a placement guarantee reflects the importance of a good candidate-client match to a recruiter. Ensuring employers have the right people in the right roles is extremely important to a great recruiter.

How to choose the best recruitment agency for your business.

If your recruiter isn’t meeting your expectations, while clearly identifying red flags towards their overall performance then it may be time to reevaluate.


When considering alternative agencies, we would recommend investing in the search process, and considering recruiters at a higher price. By this, we don’t mean seeking the most expensive recruitment agencies – but rather avoiding the ones which seem too cheap to be real.


A great recruiter will prove to be an extremely valuable asset towards any business. If your recruiter understands your field, listens to your business goals and examines your culture to find the right candidates – then they are conveying green flags. Additionally, having a recruiter who you feel you can rely on to deliver results within a timely manner suggests another valuable green flag.


Conversely, with red flags being much more common, we suggest keeping an eye out for the following signs. Firstly if your recruiter is consistently presenting unsuitable candidates and failing to take the time to understand your business. Your recruiter should also have a brief, and additionally should know your name.


If your current recruiter is displaying signs of failing to meet the expectations your business has – it’s probably time to search elsewhere. A great recruiter can be invaluable, and is worth taking the time to find. At RecruitCorp it’s our mission to build strong relationships with our clients and understand their business from the inside out. By doing this, we are ultimately able to discover candidates through their level of suitability – thus finding long term solutions to positions held from out clients. If your agency is missing the mark, reach out for a recruiter who will take the time to find the right candidates.

With over 20 years of experience, our team can help you find the right fit for a EDI workplace! Contact us to get started.

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