6 employee benefits candidates actually want

With the race to win high talent employees being at an all-time high, it is imperative organisations ask the million dollar question – What do employees really want? Most businesses can agree that employees are their most valuable asset. After all, it is their employee’s skills, knowledge and experiences that possess the ability to project a business’s success.
A recent study conducted by Gallup reveals detrimental insight into what exactly it is employees want, with six key benefits being identified. These are pay, well-being, compatibility, job security, company culture, and company policies.

Increase in pay and benefits

Unsurprisingly, pay has consistently become the top benefit for new candidates looking for employment. Surveys conducted by Seek revealed that 64% of candidates felt salary was the most important aspect of any job ad. This has become a critical factor in taking a new job for many and therefore should be something businesses consider very well.

Well-being and flexibility are key

With remote work becoming increasingly popular, employees have become more aware of the value of job flexibility. Many candidates are now seeking positions that value a work-life balance, listing wellbeing as being “very important” in their job requirements.

Compatibility for skill sets

Candidates are searching for positions where they can put their skills to the test. Many want opportunities to advance their skill sets while showcasing their talents. To put it simply, they want to do what they do best.
Employees who are not able to use their strengths at work often seek out positions where they can. On the other hand, those who are able to use their skills find their position more stimulating and motivating.

Job security is a big must

For many years this point has remained at the top of the employee benefits list – and for good reason.
Currently, over half of employees are “looking for jobs that provide greater stability and security than they currently have”. Individuals want to feel secure within their positions, and safe that their job isn’t going anywhere. Those who feel secure show higher levels of engagement as they convey lower levels of stress and anxiety.

Company culture

Highly rated among employees comes company culture, with diversity, equity and inclusivity being key aspects for any business. Wellness classes being integrated into companies, such as yoga and meditation reflect one of the ways in which companies are striving for strong company cultures.

Company policies and procedures

With so many changes being introduced throughout 2022, many employees see company policies as an important factor when applying for a job. Gallup’s research found that alignment between company policies and beliefs is a crucial factor for four out of 10 employees when seeking employment.

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