4 workplace trends to watch out for in 2023

We might have emerged on the other side of the pandemic, but covid appears to have left its mark on workplaces for good.


From the phenomenon of “quiet quitting” to the great resignation, the post-pandemic scramble for talent has been felt by Australian businesses across the board.


These changes however are unlikely to slow down as we prepare to move into 2023. Our workforce experts have shared their insights into the emerging trends expected to shape the year head.


With the following trends being tipped to have the greatest day-to-day impact on the new way of work.

‘The Great Reshuffle’

Globally, the employee market remains extremely competitive with demand for talent exceeding the supply of skilled workers.


The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) found that 79% of businesses in 2022 revealed they did not have enough applicants respond to job ads. Consequently, the gap in talent doesn’t look likely to improve for yet another year.


This supply crunch has spawned what’s been dubbed ‘The Great Reshuffling’. Employees are discovering they have the upperhand. Not only are there more opportunities for career progression and higher salaries – but now employees are entering a period where they are able to shift towards careers with an increased “work-life” balance.


For employers on the other hand, this has meant there is a higher level of pressure to invest in employee engagement and wellbeing initiatives moving into the new year. For businesses seeking high quality new talent, while improving employee retention, this is a must for the new world of work.

Hybrid working has become a “how” not “if”

Post-pandemic data has confirmed we are not returning to the same workplace which we left. Those who got a taste for hybrid work have no desire to return to an office full time.


And they’re not alone. Research has shown that working from home can offer a better work/life balance, as well as increased flexibility and productivity. There’s also the added bonus of saving money on the daily commute.


However the remote working environment isn’t perfect for everyone. Some setbacks to remote work can include increased risk of burnout, feelings of isolation, and a lack of communication.


So the verdict?

In a “new world” of work, striking the right balance in a hybrid work model is crucial for businesses looking to not only attract, but retain staff. Most Australian workers want to return to the office – just not full time. Working from home 3 days a week is the preferred amount for 74% of employees.

Culture is king

Not only are workers reshuffling their positions en masse – 2022 also triggered a significant increase in voluntary resignations. The economic trend became known as the ‘great resignation’ and shone a spotlight on the importance of employee retention.


At the forefront of this trend was a reported absence of workplace culture within organisations. With ample time for employees to evaluate their priorities and level of job satisfaction, having a “meaningful day-to-day job” is a top priority for job seekers moving into the new year.


Consequently, employers must evaluate strategies for creating a positive workplace and culture, while maximising their ability to create a work and life balance for their employees.


Inclusivity and diversity shouldn’t just be tick boxes for a business. Instead they should inform the basis of a genuine commitment to continuous improvement.


For businesses seeking new talent and employee retention, implementing strategies which are centred around creating purpose, balance, growth and community is a must.

Change starts at the top

The success of any workplace change begins with management.Managers must confront new realities with the emergence of hybrid work, while empathising with ongoing economic hardships felt by employees.


What does this mean for middle management?

Gone are the days of middle managers purely being assessed on their ability to manage and evaluate employee performance. HR executives are now looking for managers who are poised to be great coaches, mentors and leaders. Moving into the new world of work, managers must reflect empathy and compassion in an increasingly diverse and modern workplace.

With Australian businesses evolving significantly throughout 2022, it’s clear the new world of work has ample challenges for employers. Australian businesses must look towards embracing flexibility and inclusivity. The way in which we recruit, train and retain will also shift through 2023, as employee wellbeing and satisfaction has a larger focus than ever before.

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